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Looking for a great hike?

Finding a great hike has always been a challenge for me. It has to fit certain criteria depending on the time of year and the area that I'm in. If It's the middle of the summer I want tree coverage. If I only have an hour or so it needs to be a quick hike that is close by. Maybe family is in town and we have to keep the difficulty level down. No matter what type of trail you're looking to tackle AllTrails.com covers everything. I don't have any sort of affiliation with this site but it has helped me find tons of great hikes all over Colorado.

Featured hike of 2018: The Caribou Peak Trail

If you're ok with about a 4 mile rough dirt road to the trail head this one is amazing. Lots of wildlife and not many people! Altitude gain is only around 800 feet so it's fairly easy for kids and adults alike. Can't beat the views in this area either. Of all the trails that I hit each year this one met all of my criteria. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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